Independent Study 2 for Research in Driver Rehabilitation Therapy: OTH 6154

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Course Overview

This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained from the Applied Research (OTH 6151) course, and to continue with the research work started in the first Independent Study (OTH 6152) course. In this second Independent Study, students will extract the data from the selected literature (completed in Semester 2); identify, select, develop and refine data tables; extract the data from the selected studies; input the data into the data tables; select a classification strategy; classify the level of evidence according to a classification strategy; perform reliability checks; refine the classification in the case of incongruence; interpret the data; present the data; complete the write up of the research project in a format for a publishable manuscript; and develop and defend a poster as a culmination project for the evidence-based review.