Screening, Assessment, Evaluation and Intervention in Driver Rehabilitation Therapy: OTH 6153

Course 3 (of 8)


Course Overview

This course is designed to advance students’ skills towards becoming evidence-based driver rehabilitation therapists in the areas of screening, assessment, evaluation, and intervention. Students will receive instruction on methods of data collection such as gathering information about a client’s driving history, driving roles, and collateral information, as well as procedures for screening and assessment tools. Through this course student will gain knowledge about appraisal, administration, and interpretation of evidenced-based clinical tools for assessment of vision, visual-cognition, cognition, motor, and sensory abilities as they relate to driving abilities. Students will apply that knowledge to practical projects such as developing their own clinical data collection forms and report templates based on their specific client populations’ characteristics. In addition, students will obtain knowledge about conducting and interpreting behind-the wheel driving assessments: in-car and simulators. Students will also consider driver rehabilitation interventions to target specific driving skills and abilities. Through case studies, students will hone their clinical skills for problem formulation, goal writing, and report writing to inform health care providers/insurers.