Foundations, Models and Theory in Driver Rehabilitation Therapy
OTH 6150

Course 1 (of 5)

  • Taught online during Semester 1
  • Three (3) credit hours


Beth A Gibson

Beth A Gibson OTR/L, CDRS

Clinical Lecturer, Manager And Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist: UF SmartDriverā„¢ Rehab Services
Miriam Monahan

Miriam Monahan OTD, OTR/L CDRS, LDI

Adjunct Scholar


  • Regulated health care professional with a clinically relevant degree.

Course Overview

Students will be introduced to the foundational concepts of driver rehabilitation therapy, including the roles of different driving, rehabilitation and health care professionals. Terminology related to driver rehabilitation will be discussed in depth, to clearly articulate concepts related to fitness to drive. The course will introduce students to local, national, and international stakeholders in driver rehabilitation while providing students with opportunities to build relationships with key stakeholders for their programs. In addition, students will gain conceptual knowledge for the development of their driver rehabilitation programs and then apply the knowledge to practical projects such as: understanding guidelines for providing driver rehabilitation in their jurisdiction, developing a road course for evaluating their client population, developing a list of features for an equipped driver rehabilitation vehicle and/or driving simulator, constructing a list of reimbursement resources, and making a presentation for stakeholders to promote their driver rehabilitation practices. Students will also apply occupational therapy and driving models to driver rehabilitation case studies. In doing so, students will develop critical thinking skills for practice.