On-Site Skills/Competency Training/Testing in Driver Rehabilitation Therapy
OTH 6155

Course 5 (of 5)

  • Taught on-site (at the University of Florida campus) during Semester 3
  • Two (2) credit hours


Miriam Monahan

Miriam Monahan OTD, OTR/L CDRS, LDI

Adjunct Scholar


Course Overview

Students will undergo competency training and testing for one week at the University of Florida to hone their skills to be independent entry level driver rehabilitation therapists. These skills will include appraising a client’s clinical, personal, and driving history; selecting and administering evidence-based clinical assessments; conducting an on-road driving assessment or simulated driving assessment. In carrying out aspects of the comprehensive driving evaluation (CDE), students will assess client/vehicle fit; evaluate a “driver” in traffic. In carrying out a simulated driving assessment, students will monitor for simulator sickness and assess driving performance. Students will also devise and implement intervention plans for clients with cognitive, visual, and/or other sensory and motor impairments. Through these activities, students will write CDE reports and vehicle prescriptions to communicate with the appropriate stakeholders that may include physicians, other healthcare professionals, licensing agencies, and vehicle modifiers.