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Professional Certificate

The program provides an educational experience that concurrently focuses on development of specialized skills, advanced practice behaviors, leadership activities, and critical appraisal of research in the area of driver rehabilitation. Graduates of this program are qualified to be entry-level driver rehabilitation therapists working with medically-at-risk drivers through the lifespan.

UF's Professional Certificate: Driver Rehabilitation Therapy (DRT) program trains students to screen, assess and evaluate drivers who are medically-at-risk for driving or who are unfit to drive. Students will also learn to provide evidence-based interventions for experienced licensed drivers representing populations across the lifespan.

Graduating Class of 2023 with Professor Beth Gibson

Program ObjectivES

The program will provide students with a systematic understanding of the relevant knowledge inside and outside their scope of practice and a critical awareness of current problems or new insights, much of which is informed by the evidence and practice regarding driver rehabilitation, as outlined below:

Utilize best practices and best evidence…

to make fitness to drive determinations across a variety of clinical specialties (e.g., neurology, pediatrics, gerontology), and across various settings (e.g., in-patient, outpatient, home health), across the lifespan (e.g., teens to older adults) of at-risk populations.

Analyze and synthesis research…

on driver rehabilitation to advance the body of knowledge in a specific area of practice.

Assess and intervene…

with complex client cases and make clinical judgments based on established driver rehabilitation principles, techniques, and evidence.


assessment results, intervention plans, rehabilitation strategies, vehicle adaptations, and client outcomes through a variety of methods (orally, written reports, vehicle modification prescriptions, referrals, regulatory decisions) to clients and their families, health care providers and community stakeholders.


Faculty for the Driver Rehabilitation Therapy program include experienced driver rehabilitation clinicians and scientists. These faculty provide cutting-edge evidence-based training combined with best clinical practices for optimal learning experiences.

DRT Faculty 2024